Firsts and lasts

Last non-slimming club meal:

A ‘gourmet burger’ (assumed ironic title) at a well-known bargain pub chain. The meal included burger, bacon, cheese, onion rings and chips, along with a artery-clogging blue cheese sauce for good measure. It was pretty greasy and fairly awful.

First slimming-club meal:

A homemade, light, pasta dish with spaghetti, onion, fresh tomatoes, coriander, lemon, chilli and a sprinkle of cheese. It looked amazing, yet healthy. The perfect start, some might say. ‘Cept it tasted of nothing.

Hmm, lesson to be learned there, methinks.

Last time I was hungry:

This afternoon at work. No snacks prepared, or in stock, to munch on. Vending machine offered nothing I was willing to cheat with.

First time I regretted this regime:

Not yet. Sure it’ll come though. Perhaps at the 30th party I’m attending this weekend, or at least on the long train journey to London, where I’ll want crisps and sweets, but will have crispbread based snackettes and fruit based mouth-sized nibblets (grapes).

Last bit of exercise:

Last night at circuits. First time back for the New Year. It was hard but rewarding. Amazed how quick the fitness abandoned me, but reassured by the end as I got a bit more into my stride.

First kiss:

Nar, don’t think we’ll go there!

The only man in the room.

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Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

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