One week to go

So there is now less than one week remaining until the 2013 Jennings Rivers Ride, and my preparations are almost complete.

My previous blog outlined how my training was going. It also pointed out that this weekend was the last one left for some decent training. However, the weather has put paid to that. Two incredibly soggy days have meant that I’ve somehow been simply too busy to get out for a ride!

I hope I won’t come to regret this next weekend. I’ll try to get out for a couple of shorter rides this week, just to remind myself what I’m doing.

So because I’ve not been out, my thoughts turned to fundraising. I’m pleased to say that I am well on track for reaching my target of £500+ for the Cumbria Community Foundation and the great work they do in supporting important community projects in Cumbria. (Without getting too preachy, the role of organisations like the Cumbria Community Foundation is increasingly important in times of austerity where funding from local authorities and others is drying up).

I am delighted to report that my fund raising has received a massive boost thanks to the generosity of a number of people and one particular business.

I’d like to thank everyone that has sponsored me so far. I really do appreciate it, and it does provide me with more inspiration to make sure I get around in a decent time.

Special thanks must go to the fabulous guys at Stan Palmer Honda in Cockermouth, who have donated an incredibly generous £100 to the cause. This really is above and beyond what is expected and is testimony to the friendly attitude of Gary Redmond and the team there.

So I’ll issue a final call for sponsors… If you’d like to contribute, however big or small an amount, please visit

A few people have asked me what my aim is for next Sunday. It’s a hard question to answer. In one respect, simply finishing after having broken my back, will be good enough.

But my competitive nature means that I want to do better than that. Based on previous rides, a time of 6 hours would be brilliant. I doubt I’ll get under that but anything that isn’t too far over will be fantastic for me. That means an average speed of around 12.5MPH. Sounds doable, until you think of how slow some of the passes will be!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, either in the form of sponsorship or through words of encouragement and motivation. They will be ringing in my ears on Sunday.

Finally, please let this weekend be the rainy one, and next weekend be the dry, wind-free one. Too much to ask?

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Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

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