Hello from your dad

Inspired by an idea that was once on a TV advert, I’ve set up an email account for Teddy and will occasionally send him thoughts and pictures.

Here’s my first message, sent earlier today.

Teddy after a bath

Hello Teddy

This is your first email from your dad.

We’ve set up this account so that we can send you little updates on life for you to look at when you get older. I set up your bank account earlier today and we registered your birth yesterday.

Right now I am working from home – in our little terraced house in Egremont. It’s quite small for me to work, with you sleeping or crying for food or cuddles. But we’re renovating our new house, so hopefully we’ll be there soon, and it’ll be the first place you remember living.

I am working at home because of coronavirus. That has been really weird. Earlier this year, I’d not have imagined working from home all the time and not going into the office. Lots of people have caught the virus because it’s really contagious. Sadly lots of people have died from it too. So we still need to keep safe. That means not that many people have been to see you yet, but they’re all looking forward to doing so soon!

In fact, you’ve been sent so many lovely presents from our friends and your family. People are really pleased you made it here safely, after a bit of scary start. You’ve been a lucky boy.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say for now.

Dad x

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Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

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