Dear Teddy

Today is my 41st birthday. When you woke up, you ran through to me in the kitchen with my birthday card. It was a lovely one, featuring a dinosaur.  

You were very excited for me to open it, even though I am not really sure you knew what it was for! You were also excited by the wrapping paper from my presents. I think you wondered why I had made so much mess.

After my presents, and once you were awake, I walked you to nursery. I enjoy doing that. I had to carry you on my shoulders because otherwise we just wouldn’t have made it on time. You like to dawdle. On the way, I pointed out a nursery classmate’s house. This led to you asking me who lived in every other house. I am afraid to say I didn’t always know the answer.

We’ve just had two full weeks together as I took a long Christmas break. I really enjoyed spending time together, and I think you did too. As it was Christmas, there was lots to entertain us, and lots of toys to play with. There was also lots of tidying up to do.  

Teddy, joyous at the Christmas tree.

You spent most of the two weeks asking me for a ‘daddy cuddle’ or if I would come and play with your new toys, or even if I was tidying up. You even tried to help, in your own special way. This usually involved you passing me a piece of kitchen roll or tea towel.  

We had a great time playing with your new toys. These included lots of cars. You also got a garage for emergency vehicles with a little toy radio. You loved speaking into this, announcing an emergency or fire and telling people not to walk on it [the fire]. Once you announced these things, you’d ask me to do the same. You also got a tool set, which you loved because you could use it to fix all your vehicles.  

Spending time with Daddy and Bear Bear

I know you won’t always want to spend this much time with me, so I’ll remember these last few weeks very fondly. I’ve written about them because you might not ever remember them.  

It’s been a while since I last wrote you an email I must try harder. You’ve grown so much over the last 12 months. Your personality really has developed. You are now a very kind, caring and thoughtful child. You are very affectionate and are inquisitive. I also love how much your vocabulary has grown. To me it seems very advanced, but I am sure all parents say that.

That smile

Over the last year, you’ve developed your own language and are now even starting to grow out of that. It’s hard to believe.

Some of the lovely terms I remember are ‘alldaydo’ being your name for a bus, ‘nommies’ while rubbing your stomach for food, you like your night-time milk ‘cooked’, and still call Oscar ‘Eh-he’ even though you can say Oscar.

I like that you get Uncle Karl and Uncle Chris mixed up until you see them. Ella is Ellaboos to everyone now, thanks to your name for her.

We’re off out for a birthday meal this evening. I don’t think this is your favourite thing to do. You’d much rather explore than sit still in a high chair. But you will be happy you’re getting to see Charlie and Ellaboos, so it won’t be too bad.

Meal time

Thanks for my birthday card and for being the most adorable, loving son I could ask for.

Yours, always,  

Daddy x

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