Commscamp North – Looking after our mental health

I’ve already blogged about Commscamp North which I recently attended. But I also wanted to talk about another of the sessions – on mental health and wellbeing. Rather than consider the things an organisation could and should be doing to improve mental health, this session focused on the practical things we can all do toContinue reading “Commscamp North – Looking after our mental health”

Commscamp North – campaigns

The amazing Commscamp North took place in Bradford last week. It was my first commscamp for two years, and it was very much a welcome return. This year, I pitched a session on campaigns, and was pleased to lead this session. Although, by lead I mean, toss a ball marked ‘campaigns’ into the air andContinue reading “Commscamp North – campaigns”

On Leeds United

On Leeds United Last night Leeds United were beaten in the second leg of the play-off semi-finals. This ended the team’s season. In actual fact, our season was over by Christmas, and since that point we’ve simply been delaying the inevitable. Twitter’s 140/280 characters aren’t nearly enough to cover the emotional rollercoaster that being a Leeds fanContinue reading “On Leeds United”

Looking after your mental health

I created this blog at work, but the content are just as relevant outside of the workplace…  Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us, and once again we’re asking people to think about their mental health and wellbeing. If you feel like we do this a lot, then you’d probably be right. Over the last fewContinue reading “Looking after your mental health”


My last blog was particularly sad. It was written with tears in my eyes. For both my own benefit, and perhaps yours, I wanted to follow it with something brighter. We all know that a crisis is the true measure of any friendship, and what is clear from our experience is that we have someContinue reading “Thanks”