That weigh in feeling

The name of this blog, stems, quite unsurprisingly from the fact that most of the people at my slimming group are women. I suspect that is the case at most slimming groups. I suppose most men do something else/something more masculine!

Because there are more women then men, the group definitely has a different feel about it to how I imagine it’d be if there was a more even split of the sexes.

At some point, I’ll go into the detail of some of the differences and the quirks of a female dominated group, but my blog today is about something that is the same for both sexes, namely the weigh in.

Now I’m quite a level headed and sensible guy. I’ve got a degree, and everything. But when it comes to the weigh in I seem to lose a little bit of my logic and sense of reason.

This means that I start the day by thinking about how I can get lighter by the end of the day. This often involves eating only light items for lunch – i.e. items that literally don’t weigh very much – lettuce, and even air are particularly good for this.

I also think about the best time for bowel movements to take place so that I am not carrying any extra weight – this even goes as far as my own theory that a number one before the weigh is is much more important than a number two!

But it’s when I get to the weigh in that I know men and women aren’t too different. You can see the same fear and nervousness on the faces of everyone there! (as well as lots of people nipping to the toilet!)

When the weigh in has taken place the heartbreak or joy is apparent on every face too. I try to hide my reaction, but always fail!

So, anyway, my first weigh in back to slimming group takes place tomorrow. It should have been Monday but I was busy – this means it’s about a week and a half.

I should have done ok – I’ve stuck to it almost all of the weekdays, but I did enjoy myself in London at the weekend.

Fingers crossed I’ve done ok. But how can I not, if I eat only lettuce? I’ll let you know how I get on.

The only man in the room.

Published by Ian Curwen

Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

2 thoughts on “That weigh in feeling

  1. Keep it up. The blog and the battle with the weight. I think you will find that making the effort to write and publish will spur you on to weigh in success. And, if you keep hitting your targets then keep telling us. I'm sure there's nore than me out here rooting for you.


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