This week’s loss

This week’s loss: 3lb. Total loss: 10lb.

Hopefully I won’t have to title a blog ‘this week’s gain’ anytime soon!

Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s update. No real reason other than having a manic evening after I got weighed on Thursday and then forgetting.

So I was pleased to have a bigger loss this week, and hopefully that’ll inspire me for a decent one this week too – although I have had a quite enjoyable, and not totally healthy, weekend. I do find at times that I’m doing my own version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – I stick to my weight loss regime during the week, but transform into an unhealthy boy the second the weekend hits. I guess that just means I need to try harder this week.

I ran twice last week. I’d like to make it at least three times if I can, and I’d like to be a bit quicker when I’m out running too. I’ve also ordered myself a new bike, which I should get in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to getting out on it. I want to do the Coast to Coast bike ride at some point, but it’s certainly not an immediate aim. Not least because I’ll need to get used to wearing the cycling lycra shorts first!

One of the first things I was worried about when I started doing more exercise was that people would look at me and laugh – after all I look pretty hot and sweaty, and more like Bambi on ice than anything else. But I soon realised that a) people don’t care, b) I don’t care even if they do and c) I feel pretty self-righteous about the fact I’m out doing exercise anyway. Cycling shorts might stretch that a little bit mind! I apologise in advance to anyone who sees me!

Will blog again later in the week, but before I go, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the positive comments on the blog. I do appreciate them, and they do motivate me.

The only man in the room.

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