This week’s gain: 2.5lb. Total loss to date: 7.5lb.

Well I think I jinxed it last week when I said I didn’t want to be writing about a gain too soon! Perhaps not, but I can think of a few other reasons why I didn’t do too well this week:

These include the fact that I wasn’t able to do too much exercise, and was busy when I would have done both of the runs I had planned that week. I also had meetings over most of my lunch hours at work so wasn’t able to get to the gym then either.

On top of that because I was so busy, I didn’t have time to prepare healthy food as I would have liked.

However, these are all excuses. They’re all true enough, but they are excuses. I could have gone to the gym/ran at any number of other times, not just when I had arranged to, and I should have prepared my food in advance.

The real reason I put on weight this week was because I didn’t really follow the diet – certainly not for enough of the week.

I sometimes don’t know how I will do of a week until I get to group. I felt like that this week. Although just before I weighed in, someone asked me how I had done. I hoped that I had lost, but I did say that I wouldn’t be surprised if I had put on, after the week I’d had – so I can hardly complain or claim it was unexpected!

For reasons of openness, and to inspire myself to do better this week, I’ll list the bad things I somehow managed to consume this week:

a bacon sandwich, wantons and chicken curry from the Chinese takeaway, about eight pints of real ale, a couple of bags of crisps, a Thai meal out, ice cream. There is probably more on top of that too!

When I list it like that, it’s no real surprise I put weight on. Especially when I didn’t do enough exercise.

So the challenge this week is to do better. That’s no surprise really! Ideally, I’d like to lose the 2.5lb I’ve put on and a pound or two for good measure.

Well I’m not drinking much this weekend, and certainly have no plans for takeaway or for pints of real ale tonight. It’s a healthy, homemade, Chicken Biriyani for tea tonight.

I’ve also managed a run since my weigh in and plan to run tomorrow and Monday too.

The one good thing is that because I am doing this blog, and because it and you are motivating me, I want to make up for my gain this week as soon as possible.

At other times, I might have been disheartened and had another bad week. That isn’t the plan for this week.

Will let you know how I get on.

The only man in the room.

Published by Ian Curwen

Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

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