Time to kill

When we arrived at Newcastle, Charlotte was admitted to ward 34, in the Leazes maternity wing. This is a dedicated ward for people with pre-natal maternity challenges.

This is a fantastic place full of friendly staff, who are trying to help women through a whole manner of different pre-birth challenges. They do this with kindness, understanding and compassion.

The nature of the ward means that fathers are allowed to be there a lot of the time – barring a two hour slot at lunchtime, so the pregnant women can get some rest.

For a week, I had the challenge of finding something to do between 12pm and 2pm, when the ward was closed off. The choice of staying in the hospital and having another Costa, wasn’t always appealing.

For the first couple of days, I would wander the city, and as the weather was glorious, it almost felt pleasant. Until I remembered why we were there.

As our visit wasn’t entirely planned, I was also able to pick up some new clothes for Charlotte and I, to get us through our time away. During this time I’d tend to stop for a coffee and lunch, and possibly even a glass of wine.

After two days, I realised this wasn’t going to be something I should continue – both from a financial point of view and for the benefit of my own health!

Instead, I joined a gym! More about that, and the two visits I managed before things changed, in a future blog.

Published by Ian Curwen

Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

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