How not to cheat

A bit of a variation on the subject I touched on in a previous blog.

There are lots of ways that you can cheat a little bit, whilst doing a diet, not least if you throw some (extra) exercise into your routine. However there are lots of ways that I wouldn’t recommend too. I’ve tried most of them as well. Here’s just a few, with the first coming courtesy of my girlfriend.

1. Eating it really fast: You might be surprised and disappointed to learn that chomping that chocolate bar in double-quick time doesn’t help you. All of the calories were still present!

2. Only eating unhealthy food: Well to be fair, this could work, if you only consumed a sensible number of calories worth. Of course we know that its not likely to be the case. Or at least it isn’t for me. So if you fancy a day of only eating chocolate – you’d better prepare yourself for a small amount of food and a day without much joy.

3. Hiding it: We’ve all been to the buffet and helped ourself to a mix of the delicious and tempting items on offer, but hiding six sausage rolls under a serving of salad won’t kid anyone, especially not your body. Again, I know because I’ve tried. I’ll tell you about my addiction to/weak-sport for buffets in a future blog.

4. The exercise off-set promise: Before I started to lose weight, this was the killer for me. I would often leave the office and go for a huge lunch. I’d perhaps have a sandwich and chips in the pub down the road, or go for a pie from the shop formerly known as Birkett’s, or even just feast on a pile of junk from the supermarket.

BUT, it was all ok, because I would do some exercise later. Now the fact that I didn’t do any exercise at this point of my life at all, didn’t seem to matter. The point was that I would allow myself to feast on rubbish because of the invisible exercise. In fact, I’d do the same thing in the evening as well , and the next lunchtime, and well, you get the picture.

I realise the above sounds a bit like your slimming group leader or doctor. However, I really have tried all of the things above, and they really are not the ways to cheat.

So how about you? Got any suggestions of how you cheat at your slimming regime? I’d be interested to hear them.

The only man in the room.

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2 thoughts on “How not to cheat

  1. Hi mateAs someone that lost over 3 1/2 stone in 5 months and managed to keep it off the best advice to give is don't look for cheats or short cuts, the only way to cheat calories, pounds and ounces is to mess with the scales! As someone who has had the xxxl t-shirt, 42\” waist and now boast labels that say \”slim fit\” and even \”Medium\” let me give you a few easy steps that will give you a guarentee to lose weight…1) Eat! You will not lose weight if you don't eat, if you like to snack have plenty of fruit on you desk at all times. 2) The Big One! IF YOU DON'T BUY IT YOU CAN'T EAT IT! programme and hard wire your brain and stomach that you do not need to buy crap, this urge only lasts a week and before you know it you won't want it.3) Worship don't socialise with your slimming class! For me this was my worst nightmare surrounded by women all with bulging Weight Cards and not a silver star in sight, many use this as a social gathering, NOT ME I went for one purpose and that was to lose weight not to talk about cravings and recipes or to make friends, sounds awful but true it's not meant to be a great place to meet and chat! In out like Jack Flash, card stamped lost 5lb onto next week, job done, DON'T weigh yourself every day, wait til your class this, in time will give you a mission to succeed and a healthy positive addiction to eat healthy!Finally….4) Walk, Walk, Walk at every opportunity. Find a route at lunch time (approx 1.5 miles) walk it, time it and then push yourself to beat it EVERYDAY, weight drops off before your eyes, remember if you walk somewhere you have to walk back, in a Gym or a treadmill the minute you are bored you get off so forget it, simply walk as part of your routine and no matter what don't put it off cos your busy, make it part of your day!Good luck mate, see you soon


  2. Sorry for the delay in responding, I have just seen this comment now (I should work out how to get notifications sent to me!).Thanks very much for the advice – it is all really useful and motivational, and I can relate to it. In particular, I like the comment about not buying the junk, as I know I fall down on that front at times – I'm not awful but sometimes buy something a little naughty to spice up my healthy salad (maybe houmous or sugary salsa) when I don't need them.I also like the walking/timing idea. I like a challenge and the idea of trying to beat myself every day seems like a good one to me.I plan to buy a bike in the next couple of weeks and will cycle to work, so that idea works for that too.CheersIan


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