Hardknott – the clue is in the name!

I wanted to blog about my recent cycling experience over Hardknott Pass in Cumbria. If only because if I don’t, there is a risk the rose-tinted spectacles will alter my memory. And as the title suggests, the clue is in the name. Hardknott Pass, really is the hardest climb I’ve ever undertaken, by quite someContinue reading “Hardknott – the clue is in the name!”

How not to prepare for the Rivers Ride AKA Where I’ve been

On Friday 15 February, I volunteered to write a blog on my preparation for and experience of the 2013 Rivers Ride. On Sunday 17 February, I fell off my bike and broke a few bones. I’m no expert, but that’s not how I think you should prepare! Since then lots of people have asked meContinue reading “How not to prepare for the Rivers Ride AKA Where I’ve been”

Managing radioactive waste safely

I don’t often blog about work. However, next week, my employer – Copeland Borough Council – will take a significant decision on a project I have been involved in since the outset. This decision, is whether the council should continue to be involved in the government’s Managing Radioactive Waste Safely process, and move to stageContinue reading “Managing radioactive waste safely”

The third and final challenge

In my last blog I talked about two of the three exercise related challenges I have set myself this year. This blog covers the third – my most recent – which I undertook yesterday. I write whilst the wounds are still raw! So to summarise: 1) Keswick to Barrow walk (40 miles)2) Coast to CoastContinue reading “The third and final challenge”


At the request of @fawcylad, here’s a new blog, and the first of a series of two. The best thing about my blog is how I post frequent updates about my weight loss journey, which engage and inspire others. Well, I don’t do that, but it was my plan. However, the truth of the matterContinue reading “Hello?”