That’s more like it

This week’s weight loss (phew): 4lb. Total loss: 11.5lb

Well after last week’s disappointment, I was pleased to find I had achieved a decent loss this week. My aim for the week was always to lose what I had put on and then a little bit more, but after a gain, I was nervous about whether this was realistic or not.

I did try pretty hard last week. For a start, I drank very little at the weekend (you will find I rarely say ‘I drank no alcohol’). But rather than quite a few pints of real ale, I just had a couple of glasses of wine over the weekend.

I also tried to stick to my diet much more rigidly, and by and large, succeeded. The food secrets of my success last week were salmon (with salad) and lots of melon.

On the diet I am doing, both of these are foods that help you lose weight quickly. I don’t quite know the science, but it’s to do with the fact you feel full when eating them but they’re not too full of calories (I think!). A huge pile of salad leaves with some tomato, carrot, cucumber, and cabbage definitely does that.

As mentioned, I also made sure to do lots of exercise, which included a long run, spinning, a gym session and three swims – in fact at each time I swam, I increased the number of lengths I did.

I was lucky last week in that I was able to commit to a fair amount of exercise because I was in the office a lot of the time – and I was able to use my lunchtimes, as well as the evenings, for exercise.

Sadly this week isn’t quite the same – I have meetings on three of the five lunchtimes. But despite this, I still plan to do a fair bit of exercise when I can.

In fact, I hope to get my new bike on Thursday, so I may even cycle to work on Friday if I am feeling brave and the weather isn’t too horrendous! I’ve got my fluorescent yellow high-vis jacket so will look suitably impressive/stupid, if I do manage to do it!

I’ve also done some good exercise to start me off this week including some more swimming and a decent run on Sunday. The run was hard, but it was much better than the one I posted about and I did manage to up my speed from previous efforts. Still a bit to go to get up to my fastest times of last year though.

Sorry it has been a while since I posted (and a few days since I weighed in). I have been in and out a bit since then. I’ll make sure to post quicker next week.

On a totally different subject, i guest blogged for the fabulous guys at Comms2point0 this week. I’ll post this here shortly. I know a few people who come here work in local government, so it will be relevent to some of you. To those of you who don’t, have a read anyway and let me know your thoughts!


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Communications professional and a bit of a foodie that wants to travel more. Sharing my observations on life.

2 thoughts on “That’s more like it

  1. Ian you are doing fab with your weight loss!!!! You have inspired me to eat more healthy as I need to lose weight too!!! Unfortunately I am limited as to what exercise I can actually do with having bad knees but I am gonna try my best.Thank you for your blogs – love reading them.Fiona Lofthouse 🙂


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